A Road-Trip To Lahaul And Spiti

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Trip Overview

Rs 25000/- Approx Expense

3/5 Road Condition

2/5 Weather Condition

3/5 Facility Enroute

3/5 Toll Access

4/5 Safety Enroute

Travel Experience

A road-trip to Lahaul and Spiti Valley located in Himachal Pradesh.
Beauty Beyond Words ??
Let’s start the Journey -:
So we were 3 families in 3 respective cars. All the things required for a road-trip were there and with that we flagged off with the aim of fulfilling our dream road-trip. We all flagged off from New Delhi. We had decided to streatch as much as we can on day 1 as the roads were absolutely in top notch condition but also keeping in mind that none of us are exhausted driving. Though we had booked our stay in Narkanda, Himachal Pradesh but if we would’ve been in a situation where we can drive further we would’ve cancelled our stay. So the route that we took was Delhi-Shimla-Narkanda-Kinnaur-Nako-Tabo-Kaza.

On the first day as planned and booked we stayed at Hotel tethys ski, Narkanda. We reached there in near-about 8 hours from Delhi. As most of this were exhausted sitting in cars we decided not to exhaust ourselves and stay as per the plan and enjoy the Green Narkanda. July is the time of cherry farming so we witnessed a lot of people selling mouth-watering cherries. The hotel was very good, food, ambience everything was beyond satisfaction.

On the next day i.e. Day 2, we travelled from Narkanda to Sangla valley, Kinnaur in Himachal Pradesh. It was about 5 hour drive. Here we had booked Hotel Batseri. This hotel had a river facing view in the front with a panoramic view of apple orchards and mighty Himalayas. This hotel was very expensive. Everything was top notch still the services were not coping up with the price we paid. Anyways, in the evening, on the same day, we made a visit to Chitkul-India’s last village after which there in China border.

Day 3, we travelled from Sangla to Nako and stayed at hotel Rio purguil. It was about 4 hour drive. This very hotel was totally not recommended. Even staying in Nako is not recommended as Tabo is just about an hour drive from Nako and had better hotels and better attractions, which we realised later. Anyhow, we explored Nako lake and Nako monastery.

Day 4, we travelled from Nako to Tabo. About 1 hour drive. In Tabo we had stayed at Hotel Tow dhey. This hotel was run by locals but had amazing food and average rooms but top-notch hospitality was provided. We explored the little village of Tabo and Tabo monastery.

Day 5, from Tabo we went to the final destination i.e Kaza. On the same day about a few miles before Kaza, there is a different route for Pin Valley National Park. We went to Pin which was so beautiful and absolutely worth it (though we couldn’t witness the mighty snow leopard).On the same day after Pin, we reached Kaza. Here we stayed at Hotel deyzor(the best in business). Trust me the food and ambience was such we couldn’t even imagined. It was top notch.

Day 6, we went and explored the local Kaza market and the world famous Key monastery. We went to all the attractions nearby. Langza, Hikkim, Komic, Chicham bridge. We then flagged of to losar and stayed at Nomads cottage losar and experienced the mind boggling milky way from the dslrs. The sky was so amazing. We had planned to go back via manali but unfortunately due to heavy snow the route was closed so we came back via the same route. From losar we headed straight to tabo.. next day till rampur and then shimla. From shimla we came back to the pavilion (delhi) with a very heavy heart!! :-/1

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