Journey to the haunted place (Bhangarh Fort)

Trip Overview

Rs 25000/- Approx Expense

5/5 Road Condition

3/5 Weather Condition

5/5 Facility Enroute

3/5 Toll Access

5/5 Safety Enroute

Travel Experience

There are a lot of places for weekend getaways from delhi which are under 300-400KM. This journey is also to a place that is a weekend getaway from delhi and that is Jaipur, Rajasthan.

We visited Jaipur on this trip to celebrate my sister’s bday, as usual we left early morning on day 1 and travelled a complete journey of 275km from our home and reached there in 4-5 hours. Taking a break in between for breakfast at hotel highway king, shahpura. We reached the destination point at 12:30PM, so we had an entire day to roam around and visit place. We visited the famous hawa mahal which is located at the center of Jaipur city. We also enjoyed having the another famous dish “ Pyaaz Kachori “ before moving back to the resort. We stayed at Chokha Punjab, Pearl Resort, which has been created to showcase an experience of Punjab for the people of Jaipur, the décor, swings, restaurants, etc everything was made as it is in Punjab. Location was good to stay and have one time experience, Chokha Punjab is day trip place and people can visit by buying the ticket, and as we were staying in the same resorts so it was within the tariff of rooms. Enjoying the night with live music, folk dance, and few other performances, we enjoyed the food in proper Punjabi style served in big thalis.

Next morning, we were in confusion to decide the next place to visit while moving back to home from Jaipur. So, we decided to go to the world’s most haunted place – Bhangarh Fort. The fort is approx. 120km from the resort and route is basically of national highway till dausa, and from there you need to enter the state highway and then to the village. Road conditions were good till we reached the village area, there were no cemented road in village and was difficult to drive, it took almost 30-40mins to cover 8-10km stretch. The fort was awesome and was maintain by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), with an entry fees and parking fees applicable there. We had to walk for 500-700 metres to reach the fort, and while walking you can actually see the shops, houses of the public who used to live around the fort, which we call The Praja of that place. We entered the fort on ground floor and saw a lot of places within the fort like – where they used to keep their horses, where they used to keep the enemies. There is an awesome view from the top of the fort, however to reach to that place you need to climb such a steep slope and if you did not balance yourself, you will fall from there and roll down. One have to be very precautious while climbing it. After spending 1-2 hours over there, we head back to delhi which was a distance of 245km via alwar.

Despite travelling in December, the afternoon were a bit a hot and evenings were chilling in throughout the journey. We travelled a total distance of 621 km in 2 days.1

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